Organisation Apps

Keeping organised is key to staying on top of your University study. Most Bachelor of Education students at the University of Southern Queensland are juggling part time or full time work commitments, children, a University load ranging from one to four subjects a semester, and just life, so it’s pretty easy to drop behind and be playing a catch up game all semester. Earlier, I blogged about my assignment tips, but this time I wanted to talk about management tips in a broader context. I have used fantastical in the past, it’s basically a smart calendar and was a winner when I did use it. I think since upgrading to a new operating system, I’ve resorted back to the osx calendar app, which with smart integration syncs to your iphone or/and iPads. I use notes a lot now. It’s another than syncs accross multiple devices effective making organisation much more seamless. With all that said, David mentioned on the learning path this week that an app like trello could be worth a shot for keeping a dialogue of information ongoing with your mentor while on Professional Experience. I did take a look at it and can see some potential but whether I not I take the plunge to it remains to be seen.

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