Google and the monkey

I think surveys are a great practice for students to partake in. I have seen the enthusiasm generated class surveys are coupled with graphing through line, bar, and pie graphs. Generally, the surveys I have witnessed have only ever been constructed in written form by students, so the potential for amplification using ICT is actually quite large. Anna came across google forms as a great way to enable students to use ICT to generate and participate in surveys. Like Anna, I had never actually considered google forms, and admittedly didn’t even know what they were.

Google forms outlines the ways students can collect data as:

  1. Conducting experiments in classroom and use the teacher’s computer to enter data for that group
  2. Allow students to create surveys using Google forms and display on own computer, before inviting peers to navigate from computer to computer to fill out surveys
  3. Email the form to participants to collect data (can embed the form in the email); must know all members email addresses
  4. Email the form by using a distribution list from your contacts  (very easy if using Google Apps since all domain names are the same)
  5. Share the URL of the published form; consider using a URL shortener for easy access like:, or
  6. Embed the form in a Google Site, wiki, blog or website.

I think this is a potential ICT I could utilise on prac, as there is potential to use this application even if laptop or iPad numbers are less than a 1 to 1 ratio.

This potential also got me thinking about other surveying apps out there. I have heard of survey monkey to create surveys as well, so think this is another worth exploration. If you know of any more, please share.


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