Hi all. The purpose of this blog is to share thoughts about anything related to education. My name is Danny, and my handle, Mr Clancy. I have always been able to think on my feet, and connect to people on different levels. I think this comes from my educational journey where life experiences have presented opportunities to grow. I was born in a small country Victorian town of 500 people and moved alone to Melbourne when I was 18; I have been the new guy with no friends or connections. I traveled to Taiwan at 22 and was the only Westerner in the region I lived for a number of years; I have been the cultural minority. I joined a language school to learn ‘Beginners Chinese’ 3 months after the semester started; I have been the student with low self-esteem and confidence. I have taken three years of one-on-one Mandarin classes and rejoined my former classmates; I have been the differentiated learner. I have worked as the ‘Western Head Teacher’ in a kindergarten for three years. I have been the experienced. I have worked in a school where I was one of only three males; I have been the gender minority. Throughout my journey I have been lucky enough to enjoy privileges and learn from the adverse. My journey has been a big part on who I am today. As I prepare to undertake a unit targeting the integration of ICT into the classroom, it is hard for me not to feel elements of ‘the inferior’ and the unknown. I know, however, that the journey will enable me to gain self confidence to enhance my future students’ capacity to develop their self efficacy. I am looking forward to my ICT integration journey and learning about how technology can enhance the learning of my students. Today, I am the novice but so be it, education is lifelong and I am ready for this.


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