Building my own pedagogical practice

I was reading with interest Miss Galea’s blog post on ICT at prac, and she touches on the different theories and frameworks we are expected to use throughout my planning. The Cambridge CELTA teaching methodology I undertook many eons ago used the eliciting process to underpin the teaching and engagement of second language learners. I still use this phase in my orientation when tapping into prior knowledge. As I began my initial first year Professional Experience, I watched my mentor clarifying learning intention from the outset in setting expectations with a Learning Intention and Success Criteria. I have since adopted this into my planning, yet unlike my mentor, I do it after the eliciting stage. I do think it’s important to do what works for you, and this has culminated into me taking bits from CELTA, bits from 1st Yr Prac, and bits from 2nd Yr Prac to establish my own teaching methodology. Learning theories and frameworks are also evident in my planning, and get roles as I become more aware of how they can benefit my students and my teaching. I found a great site that outline some different educational theories and frameworks that help establish your teaching identity. Education itself is lifelong, so is, I believe, defining and progressing your teaching presence.

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