Applying digital citizenship

After this week’s learning path, I now feel I have some strategies to better describe the issues and strategies available to support safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching. I think it’s important that we are aware of safe sites and practice a culture of safe site use in the classroom, and more broadly the school. My PE school has a safe site policy with a number of websites blocked from access within the network perimeters of the school.

The learning continuum on the Australian Curriculum Website has a great guide for the expectations of each Year level’s digital citizenship requirements. By the end of Year 2, my PE students will be expected to:

  • use purposefully selected ICT tools safely to share and exchange information with appropriate local audiences
  • understand that computer mediated communications may be received later by the receiver
  • identify and safely operate a selected range of appropriate devices, software, functions and commands when operating an ICT system and attempt to solve a problem before seeking help
  • identify the main components of common consumer ICT systems, their fundamental functions, and describe them using basic ICT terminology
  • manage and maintain digital data with guidance
  • use ICT to prepare simple plans to find solutions or answers to questions
  • experiment with ICT as a creative tool to generate simple solutions, modifications or data representations for particular audiences or purposes
  • use ICT to identify, record and classify textual and graphic information to show what is known and what needs to be investigated
  • locate information from a given set of digital sources
  • explain the usefulness of located data or information

I have placed them here as a guide to remind me of their expectations and guide my PE ideas.

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