Electricity Year 6 Science

Learning Intention:

Learn and use scientific language to talk about circuits and electricity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJeAuQ7pkpc

Success Criteria:

I can explain what makes circuits work

I can explain what conductors and insulators are

I can explain effects of changing a circuit

I can explain the role of each component

Topics for Groups

Power source/circuits

Conductors/ Insulators http://www.andythelwell.com/blobz/

Series Circuits/Parallel Circuits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ3djos_LY8

Changing Circuits http://www.andythelwell.com/blobz/

Components/Cells/Electrons http://www.andythelwell.com/blobz/

Extension 1


Extension 2

Can your team plan one circuit that includes two light bulbs, where if one light bulb is taken out, the other light bulb will still light up?


Insulator: Other materials do not let electricity to flow through them, they are called insulators. Plastic, glass, rubber. An insulator is a material or substance that does not allow electricity to travel through it. Plastic, rubber, glass, wood, are all examples of insulators.

Conductors:  Some material let electricity run through them, they are called conductors. Metals and lead are conductors. Almost all conductors are metals, but graphite (pencil lead) also conducts electricity.



Simple circuit

Parallel/Complex circuit


Complete/Incomplete/broken circuit

Other POI:

Copper is the conductor and the plastic coating is the insulator. Switches allow you to make or break a circuit. When the switch is on, the circuit is complete. When the switch is off, we say the switch is broken. Adding more bulbs, lights will become dimmer because they share the electricity the cells share. Adding more cells in a series (a line) will produce more power. Too many cells could make the bulb burn out. Longer wire, the dimmer light. Series circuit, when one light burns out and it’s filament breaks, there is a gap in the circuit.



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