My assignment secret

I read with interest Emily’s blog on study tips that can help you go to that next level. When I was High School I’m the first to admit, in the words of Mr Strickland …. I was a slacker.

I’ve since picked up my game. I find I’m able to stay on top of my game with a clear setting of expectations and adhering to them. In practice, that means I set what I need to be done, and by when. An practical example is when working on assignments, once I have a plan in sight, I aim for 300 words a day over a five day period. I know good and well that I can pound out a lot more than that but exceeding 300 always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy.

Hardly groundbreaking, but what’s your secret? How do you get that 15oo word assignment done when the motivation factor isn’t there.

FWIW, here’s a generic list outlined by Adelaide Uni for a few more pointers.



11 thoughts on “My assignment secret

  1. I have no plan. That is why I get my assignments in with seconds to spare and my life has been chaos for the last three days! I will the Adelaide Uni list and take your plan on board.


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