Lesson Planning

Almost every assignment I’ve ever done, I’ve struggled with the lesson planning component. I just never seem to be able to get down all the little details that are expected there. On a recent PE, my mentor suggested to me to just jot down your activities in each phase of the learning plan, and go from there … “Open ended questions can generally be thought of on the fly, but have the initial there as a prompt” or something along those lines was the advice. Suffice to say, I really did enjoy some successful lessons on the back of that. I have seen though, fellow prac students at schools I’ve been to produce lessons that look like they were written by Confucius, covering every single base with a script that could see the Sly scripted up to act until Rocky 15. Anyway, writing them, clearly my weakness. This week’s learning path suggested a lot of site that can help develop my weakness into a strength, so here’s CRLT, with strategies for effective lesson planning. I’ll be revisiting this blog about 45 times during prac!

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