Skype goes cultural

I was reading through the learning path this week with interest as David mentioned Skype in the classroom. This is about the third time I’ve read or heard about the app/service in a couple of weeks. Skype in the classroom allows you to invite a guest speaker into your classroom, or alternatively speak to another class from around the globe, in an attempt to guess their location by asking a series of yes no questions. I think this is a wonderful way to foster a cultural understanding in a society that is becoming more and more intercultural. This is something I’ve added to my bookmark list of ICT to try in practice.


3 thoughts on “Skype goes cultural

  1. Reblogged this on learningjourney173 and commented:
    I agree the Skype in the classroom is a great tool to put in our kit bag. I am in rural Queensland and this is a great way for students who don’t get the chance to venture far to interact with others. I am going to ask my mentor when I meet with her this Tuesday if it will be possible to try. There are so many exciting sites we are learning about in this course.
    Best wishes for your PE and Assignment 3.


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