Where the blogging for kids?

After reading one of Dayna’s posts about blogging, my mind started ticking …. which of my blogs posts are making waves. One of my more popular blogs was about Kiddle, you know that cool search engine that allows you to give some autonomy to students over their learning. It was so popular that my blog post was picked up by a teacher (my mentor’s coworker) at my first prac school, when she introduced a Year 5 Geography lesson whereby all information was to come from Kiddle search! Wowwweee, talk about a PLN Highlight. This got me thinking, if I can reach out to the crowd with a few gags and the odd piece of good information, I wonder how my future students would go blogging? I think it’s something that deserves serious discussion, after all, blogging is tapping into the higher order thinking of Bloom’s digitally. So are there are good sites out there for students to start blogging? Kidblog advertises itself as safe and simple; there’s a couple of box tickers already. Thoughts? Is it worth pursuing, particularly in literacy subjects?


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