Multimodal? My lord!

I guess anyone who has been through uni has had one subject that they keep putting off. I am currently embarking on EDX2170 for a third time! No, no, no, I know what you’re thing …. fail, fail, fail, you knucklehead Mr Clancy, actually to the contrary I have generally gotten off to a good start, then AFL season starts and I need to drop a subject before academic and financial penalty kick in. Cue EDX2170. This time I am prepared and I don’t care is my beloved Hawthorn are smashing all kinds of records, there’s no way I’m delaying this bad boy one more year.

The multimodal presentation assignment for EDX2170 asks that you introduce a children’s book of your choice using software during the orientation phase of a literacy lesson plan. I’ve decided to use Reel Director 2. Reel director 2 is an app for iPhone that allows you to use all three modes required for the presentation; video or photo, music, and voice over. It’s one of very few apps on my iPhone that I have happily paid for. Don’t take that comment the wrong way, by haven’t paid for I mean most apps on my phone are freeware! There’s some examples of what the app is capable of on Nexvio’s site.

I have introduced Reel Director 2 to a teaching friend of mine who used it for a presentation on the story of lent (Easter) while simultaneously showcasing the children’s artwork. If you’re after an app to make yourself look the pro, even when secretly you know you’re could be in struggle street, take a look. If there’s any other app recommendations out there, feel free to add to the discussion.


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