Technology and the RAT

It is with unprecedented interest that blog posts amongst my followers, and those I follow, like tahlianciol, have this week focused on the R.A.T. framework. The R.A.T. framework is an acronym for Replace, Amplify, Transform, and can be measured in unison with the SLIC (the themes of an event, and another acronym standing for Student Learning, Instructional Method, Curriculum goals) model to determine how effective ICT has been in a lesson. The goal of using digital technology successfully in the classroom is to amplify and transform learning. Too often digital technology is used simply to replace what happens in the classroom with ICT when we should be as educators trying to amplify (enhance) or transform what is happening in both the student learning and teaching pedagogy. As I look toward the second chapter of my learning journey in ICT, I was pointed to the RAT app which gives an overall picture of what your lesson might be gearing itself towards. While by no means a cutting edge app that will make its way to the home screen of your smartphone, it nonetheless give you a good perspective of whether or not your lesson really is using ICT to enhance the learning of your students in practice.


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