Placed for prac yet?

I just read with interest Dayna’s post regarding professional experience. Like her, I find it easier to pick 9 AFL winners a weekend, mow the neighbour’s lawns, then whip up a roast dinner for 25 than to be placed in sufficient time for prac, although Dayna did find hers :). Last year I was off to Dayboro State School and it was the most wonderful teaching experience since my previous year’s prac at St Flannan’s. My hope if I get to a Catholic school before doing my first 4th year prac at a Ed Qld school again. Anyway, the countdown begins and it’s almost a daily visit to inplace to check placement status. I’m curious to find who has been placed yet and who is still waiting.


12 thoughts on “Placed for prac yet?

  1. I’m also still waiting to find out my placement. It does seem a lot of people in this course have already been placed so hopefully we will find out soon!


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