Brain boogies

I’ll start off by saying that I am extremely challenged when it comes to dancing. I can only navigate the chicken dance if my partner in crime is alcohol. Wait, let me start again …. “I’m not that great at dancing, yet”. Ahhhh I feel better. That’s that growth mindset that we so importantly want to instil into our learners.

Ok, continue, I was reading Mitchell’s post this morning about a how simple tasks like dancing with GoNoodle can get the students back into a variety of modes, settling them down, preparing them for an activity, or getting them focused. Gonoodle advertises that it enables 10 millions kids to move to be their strongest, silliest, smartest and best selves, and practically every piece of feedback on the site is from teachers.

I can see great potential in this site and movement activity for the aforementioned purposes (settling, preparing and focusing), but also as a reward for children, offering a gonoodle ticket allowing a student to choose the daily after break song. A prep teacher I worked with last year was very big on gonoodle, and would often speak about the benefits of using both sides of the brain to help the brain and coordination amongst the littlest.

While this one could be a challenge for me to implement, especially if the students want to see my moves, I think it is definitely a trick I might store for future practice.

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