A class website

I have seen in my previous prac school the use of weebly to create a class website. I think this is a wonderful idea. Each KLA has its own dropdown menu indicating Term 1, 2, 3 or 4, and each lesson, or a good proportion of lessons are written into the weebly for use during class time, or for a continuation of work at home. The weebly includes links to websites required for Maths investigations, video links of teaching,  online resources used during teaching, and each lesson is dated and accompanied with the required learning outcomes. It is simply maintained by the class teacher for the purpose of her own class. I just think this is a super idea and one that instills professionalism and pride into your teaching. If we can exert this presence in the classroom, it would be hard for the student to not recognize your genuine want for them to be successful.

In promoting their ICT, weebly specifies what it can;

  • Easily create a classroom website & blog
  • Manage your students’ accounts
  • Accept homework assignments online
  • Keep your parents up to date

I’d love to know if there are any other website creators out there, particularly ones that are on par with weebly’s functionality and ease of use.




2 thoughts on “A class website

  1. I just went to a day care recently that is using Weebly and the parents are loving it. Photos are added with small comments but it’s all linked to the EYLF so parents can see and comment on the links. I think it’s a great idea


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