Digital Citizens

I have just been learning about digital citizenship through this week’s leaning path. I think my knowledge and experience in regards to ethical use of the internet is ever changing. I think to some degree I had a good grounding of how to be weary of the internet when I first purchased or became, so to speak, computer literate. I always had mac so while all my friends would talk about the viruses they had encountered, I because aware and simultaneously was dodging bullets. My favorite sites for years have been and so these also increase my awareness of safe internet use.

I have just taken two quizzes during the learning path. The first related to cyberbullying. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I only score 3/5. I knew cyberbullying was quite prevalent and one of my mistakes was thinking it was the greatest form of bullying in secondary school. Interestingly, real life on campus bullying is the most prevalent. I was somewhat surprise by this as there is a great education happening in primary school today to stop bullying so the flow on effect of this seems not as quick as most would have anticipated.

The second quiz was on cyber safety. I did reasonably well here by did mess up on information we can give on the internet. I am generally cautious on what info I give if I am not sure on the safety of a site, and enjoy using pseudos. In the future, I must remember first names are also no goes.

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