Been placed. Weight lifted.

So I was just reading Elizabeth’s blog post regarding prac and it inspired me to make a nice polite phone call to prac office to follow up on things. I’m generally quite passive and assume that prac office will get things done and a phone call from me would probably annoy them but I’m tired of wondering. Actually, being placed is about the only thing that I dwell on quite a bit. I am going to a year 2 class which would mean my pracs to date will have been;

Prep/Yr 1 composite, Year 2, Year 3/Year 4 composite, Year 5/Year 6 composite. Look at that for a pattern, I will have been placed with every year level. I think that should have me placed to make an informed decision on what Year level I would like to do my intern with :). If I can’t decide then, I could always try the ‘Which Year level should you be teaching‘ app ;).

FWIW, Prac office said that they were onto our unit now, I she had just update another ten students, excluding mine, before I called.


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