Teacher Aide? DO IT!

I am taking on four units for the first time ever, while working six days a week (five days a week as a TA, and every Sunday in retail), but despite this I have never felt on top of my uni work like this semester. EDC3100 is a tough gig, but I love it. I really enjoy the blogging component of the course. I haven’t missed a Maths EDX3280 tutorial and despite the horror stories, I’m ready for the ePortfolio bad boy. I have had a solid plan ready for action for a couple of weeks now. The EDX2170 multimodal presentation looks like one of the best assignments in the education degree. I brought home four picture books from school today and the plan is to put this one to bed very early. Finally, EDP4140 Second Language learning and pedagogy. This is possibly my favourite as it relates to my Taiwan teaching. I was asked why I feel this one by a friend this week and it got me thinking, I just feel that the four units I am undertaking are four of the best supported units I’ve taken throughout my degree, but probably equally important is working in a school setting. If I have any advice for an aspiring teacher, it’s become a TA. The network you build, and the resources that become available to you cannot be understated. In a ideal world, every year working as TA should knock a fourth year unit off your degree!

8 thoughts on “Teacher Aide? DO IT!

  1. Hello! I have to agree! I felt more motivated to study when I worked in a school as a Teacher Aide! But when I worked in a childcare centre as a Group Leader or Kindy Teacher it was a hard slog to juggle 4 days work and 2 subjects…Congratulations on finding your study ‘mojo’! I love hearing that, its such a good feeling! Go for gold! 🙂

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  2. I’m in the market for a new job haha apart from seek (cause I’ve been looking there) where do I find what TA jobs are available?


    1. Hi Lana, volunteering generally can open up some doors. While there’s no $, the experience imo is worth more. My TA jobs was borne out of volunteering which opened up a relief aide job and then full time work.


  3. Wow! How you manage to study 4 subjects and work 6 days a week is beyond me! I can’t even comprehend how you do it. I study 4 subjects and work 3/4 days a week and struggle enough keeping up with the uni workload. Since I started my degree I have been keeping a look out for any teacher aides’ jobs that are available but they all the ones I have seen require extra study like a diploma or certificate course. Something which I don’t want to take time out of my degree for. I am currently working in hospitality, which I love, but would much prefer be doing work that it building my knowledge and resources for future use in the classroom. Good luck with the rest of the semester! Leisha.


    1. Thanks Kim, but actually my time management has never been that great. I really believe my third year transformation has come from my two reasons. I also feel there is a lot more peer support this year. Perhaps 3100 is helping to build that.


  4. E-portfolio for EDX3280? Did they ditch the webquest and made it like EDX1280? Man, i just finished that unit over the summer semester, i think i would have preferred the e-portfolio assignment.


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