Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic – rubbish.

Nothing like a controversial title to draw in the reader. I used to do a paper round as a child and amongst my 35 ‘Herald Suns’, there was the ‘Truth’ newspaper which came out once a week. I remember the ‘Truth’ was notorious for two things, one the beautiful semi clad women gracing page three, and the second were the headlines; “Boony smashes 52 cans” was a vivid one. Pretty sure the ‘Truth’ was also known somewhat for being ‘not’ an overly reliable paper in terms of accurate information either …. good for the gags, though. FWIW, the dude waiting out by the mailbox for me each Wednesday wasn’t waiting to read back page sport news.

Anyway, so visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners, it it a fallacy? I just watched a great TED talk, geeee they’re great listening. Head to for a catalogue of educational gold. It’s like listening to Al Pacino is Scent of a Woman, or Any Given Sunday, or Mel in Braveheart. They really do inspire. The one I just listened to debunks the VAK theory. This backs up what our coordinator/lecturer, David Jones brought up in a lecture at the Way Station the other week. It’s not that we, or students are V or A or K learners, it’s that we have better visual, or auditory or kinaesthetic memories. That makes a lot of sense to me. To get a better appreciation of what I am on about, take a look below. It’s highly thought provoking. Grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy.


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