No significant learning occurs without it!

Inspired by the words of James Comar “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship”, Rita Pierson in her Ted talk called mindshift reminds us why every student needs a teacher champion. It’s hard not to see a lot of Nel Noddings in her teaching philosophy, something I genuinely try to borrow and inject into my own. Rita speaks about how relationships between teacher and student, adult and child, are fundamental to getting the best from students. This talk led me onto a bit of a google frenzy to find out more about learning and relationships, and while my end result was to find the insightful 9 Powerful Practices that speak about how to raise achievement for students living in poverty, nonetheless, its practices I believe are pertinent in any socioeconomic climate.

One a side note, I was fortunate enough to have this Ted sent to me by a friend, who is my cousin’s wife, a teacher. I love that a great deal of my educational resources, and in turn inspiration comes from teachers and pre service teachers. I am not sure if there is another field of employment that gathers together as one to share in the greater need of better the lives of others, as educators do to each other.

If you have any other Rita Pierson-like gems, please comment and share.



5 thoughts on “No significant learning occurs without it!

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  2. I am a huge fan of Rita Pierson. As I have shared in the post inspired by your post, I particularly love her story of teaching the students the wrong thing and how when she apologised the next day their response was that she was so excited that they just let her go – priceless! Rita Peirson is definitely someone who I aspire to be like.

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