Visual formative assessor! Watch this …

I have been thinking for a while about what strategy I could use when things get a bit boring in class, especially when watching foxfooty is not an option 😉 Stand up, star jumps, go run 800, “heads, shoulders, heads, shoulders, heads, shoulders ears, clap, clap, clap”. You know, that moment when the activity is getting too long, and children are becoming disengaged, and one by one the requests for toilet breaks come … and we know they don’t really want to go to the toilet. Behold Socrative! I reckon this is it, well perhaps not to eliminate boredom during a super long peer and self editing class of narratives, but definitely an option when you need to teach something that looks a touch difficult to inspire your troops. Socrative is an online site, but also has an ios app with both teacher and student interfaces that allows for the creation of formative assessments. There are options for the teacher to;

  1. Start a quiz (I saw a similar app used to quiz during a religeous education lesson! WINNING!!!!!!)
  2. Quick question (for a polling activity); multiple choice, short answer, true/false
  3. Space race (add some competition to the task)
  4. Exit ticket

I really have been looking for something that can visualise student results to activities in real time, allowing me to unobtrusively monitor them. This is a winner and when I get them playing the rocket space race, I might log in under my pseudo student account … everybody loves winning.


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