Digital reflection, got that covered

The best thing about following peers’ blogs is you can come across some absolute ICT gems. Nicole makes mention of Glogster, a site that helps you create your own multi media poster. Hear that? ‘Create’, that’s higher order thinking using ICT! Tick, tick, tick. Amplify and transform that RAT. Glogster looks to be the perfect tool to tell your class room story and reflect on experiences, providing enormous scope for peer feedback and engagement. Glogster promotes its ability to engage students creatively with knowledge and develop digital literacy skills, which enable teachers to become more efficient by saving time. These are all big ticks in the RAT framework covered this week by Renee, Spil and Lesley. Glogster looks a winner, it’s going straight to the Pool Room for me, aka, the ‘Teacher Resources’ bookmarks.


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