Maths Bloom’s Taxonomy

Can I just start off by saying I prefer saying Math, not Maths. Maths is such an awkward word and for a nation made famous for dropping ‘er’ of every noun possible, it surprises me nobody had cottoned on to this shortened variation. Anyway, spread the word and join my revolution! Now, let’s continue talking Math.

Engaging children in Math can be done using a number of frameworks. During University lectures last weekend, we were instructed on the value that Bloom’s Taxonomy offers teachers in tapping into the higher order thinking of children, seen as valuable in ensuring the fostering of critical thinkers and engaged learners in a constructionist environment. While the taxonomy would be nothing new to any of you, a modified taxonomy that encompasses how one might engage students in the digital age or at least engaging students with the aid of ICT was presented to us. Right now I am engaging into the material learned in the lecture through justifying its importance, ironically in ‘evaluate’, one of the higher order thinking skills of Bloom’s Taxonomy, it suggests ‘blog’ as a possible digital verb. I wonder how much students would enjoy blogging? Cue, an opportunity for students to blog on a class blog like wordpress, or blogger awaits. Higher order thinking, check; Engagement, check; Learning Maths, uncheck … it’s Math, check 😉

I love it when we get such amazing literature in schools and I know it will be something a lot of people will take interest in. Take a look at BloomDigital and let me know your thoughts. I for one will be smashing the living daylight out of these from this day forth.

What do you think about BloomDigital?


4 thoughts on “Maths Bloom’s Taxonomy

  1. Bloom digital is something that the early childhood sector needs to be aware of too. As an ECT teaching 4year olds, the knowledge, analysing and understanding these little people gain through a few touches of an iPad astounds me. Thanks for sharing.


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