Padlet; brainstorming just got a lot more interactive!

Want to add some interest to your next brainstorming? Today during our lecture, actually more a touching of base than a lecture, we used an app called Padlet. Until tonight I had never hear of it. Padlet allows any number of users logged into your session to simultaneously share, using what Padlet themselves coin ‘a piece of paper’ or ‘real-time wiki’. With around twenty people online tonight, users were able to post questions from different locations across the globe onto the ‘piece of paper’, or alternatively images, videos, documents, and text in real time. While in theory, it acts in a similar method to google documents, it is much more visually appealing.


Going forward, I can only think of this as a wonderful resource for teachers, with class brainstorming, word of the day practice, group work for researching information, general sharing of information, and a plethora of other possibilities. I’ve locked this in and it will be my ‘go to’ app for adding an ICT edge to brainstorming.


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