Independent Spelling Tests

I was scouring through my teaching bookmarks folder this afternoon and came across a link that didn’t ring too many bells. Upon opening it, I liked what I saw; see there’s always a reason I bookmark urls. I have no idea who to give credit to as the bookmark was 15 deep in a list of about 45, so I’ll take 100% credit for it now. The website, Spelling City, is an interactive website for spelling lists. Now this is fantastic news for teachers because I have yet to see a spelling test take place without a student asking, “what was number three again” or “I missed one and I don’t know which it was”. If you haven’t encountered those questions before then an opportunity to run a PD on giving spelling tests beckons for you! As the teacher, you can type in you list of 20 weekly spelling words (I am going of prac experiences here) and assign the task to be done at any time; perhaps a pretest on Monday, and the spelling test proper on Friday to gauge improvement. Upon logging onto the list, each student is met with your twenty numbered spaces for the spelling of words. Once the student clicks their curser into the rectangle, an automated voice speaks the word, then gives the word in sentence form. The students can then go ahead and click into number two, and the process repeats until the test is done. There is also a ‘say it’ option for the word to be repeated, and a ‘sentence’ button for the word to be used in context again. All results are sent straight to your account allowing for privacy of results. Hopefully there were no spelling mistakes in here so you’ll give this ICT your due konsideration, considaration, considirash, your due diligence.


3 thoughts on “Independent Spelling Tests

  1. Hi Danny, My son using this app at home as part of his homework tasks. He never, ever complains about doing it. So a great resource to encourage engagement too.

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  2. Hi Danny, What a great website! After investigating the site I noticed they even accommodate the differences in spelling certain words in English and American. For example, colour/color.

    It appears the site can accommodate an entire class of different learning needs by differentiation of spelling lists and catering to multiple literacy needs by offering a variety of presentation features, such as using ITCs to illustrate, speak and put into context (a sentence) the words.

    By offering different ways of connecting with students the website assists them to learn. AWESOME! It appears to cater to several of Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence (1983) offering connections via visual-spacial (use of visual cues), intrapersonal (offering independent learning), linguistic (reading and listening to the words). Offering different ways of connecting with students in order for them to learn.

    Thanks for sharing the website.

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