Converting YouTubes

I have always been intrigued and love the challenge of the converting  different formats, whether it be to audio to different audio format, video to different video format, documents to different document format or the list goes on. After reading Jacqueline’s blog post about how she was able to convert XPS to PDF, thank you Jacqueline, I have been inspired to share my own favorite conversion. It converts YouTube clips to any audio or video format of your choice. This process takes place online and it’s free at onlinevideoconverter or alternatively you can add a browser extension in a snap to chrome, safari or firefox! For the video format conversion alone, you can convert YouTube to .mp4 (my personal favourite as then it’ll play on VLC player seamlessly), .avi, .mpg, .mov, .mk4, .m4v, .webm, .flv, .3gp. The conversion process takes less than a minute for most YouTubes, and then you’ll have it on your computer eliminating a reliance on internet connection and/or buffering potential hiccups. Of course you need to adhere to copyright protocols, but it’s a site that adds to your arsenal of convenient ICT for educators. There’s plenty of other converters out there, but this is my favorite. If you have other, please feel free to share.

4 thoughts on “Converting YouTubes

  1. Now here is a good idea!! As an educator, we often would like to use a visual like a youtube clip to inspire our learners, to break up a ‘boring’ lesson or to demonstrate a new concept. BUT the issue is the ads beforehand are so unpredictable, so this would definitely help!


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