Voki, create personalised speaking avatars!

My first experience in front of the classroom came when undertaking the Cambridge English Language Teaching to Adults course. Its lesson structure still underpins a lot of my teaching pedagogy today where I prefer to hold off on giving the ‘success criteria’ and ‘learning intention’ until I have challenged the class to identify it for themselves. In the CELTA model, this was known as the eliciting process. While visual material can be used as prompts to elicit vocabulary or themes, I have always found that my successful lessons have come through storytelling and engaging students to be invested in the happenings of my story. Total Physical Response (TPR) is an essential partner in this orientation phase, particularly when working with children who speak English as an additional language. Today when reading Ashley’s blog I came across a wonderful idea to engage students, meaning my reliance on caffeine to get my imagination and storytelling inspiration going can be somewhat lessened. Voki is an app that allows you to make speaking avatars. You can customize your avatar by skin color, voice and accent, language, clothes, hair, among many other options. After writing your script, your avatar can engage students in a way they’ve never been engaged before. In voki classroom, students can create their own voki and complete set assignments interactively, tapping into the their creative side. I’m liking the look of it, so that’s heartening, because I actually need to use it in Maths this semester. Stay tuned for an update or two, though, but if you like it or have alternatives, leave your thoughts. Mr Clancy.

6 thoughts on “Voki, create personalised speaking avatars!

  1. Reblogged this on jkslade and commented:
    I’ve seen Voki used by students on an assignment during one of pracs. They loved it and it was waaaay less stressful for them than getting up to speak in front of their class.


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