Gliffy; sharing visualisations effortlessly!

At Uni this week we were asked to practice using conceptual modelling to solve a chosen Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related problem. Our professor suggested using Gliffy for drawing the conceptual model. I went ahead and joined the site and slapped together a few squares to represent computers, and threw in some directional arrows and text. The end result was a somewhat successful visual representation of the ICT problem I was attempting to interpret. Later, I went back to Gliffy to see what it is capable of doing. Its tagline is “where ideas take shape” but importantly it allows users to create a variety of shapes in any browser before saving, exporting or printing; basic diagrams, flow charts, organisational charts, Network diagrams (why i didn’t use that for my task, I don’t know), venn diagrams, mindmaps and more. I can think of a one teacher I work close to that would like the venn diagram choice after having me butcher four successive free handed venn diagrams for her class last week). It took me no more than one minute to make my conceptual map (although I have been working on my growth mindset), so that means for a student to make a visual interpretation of any learning, it wouldn’t take much longer. Anyway, for a professional finish that gives students some choice in presentation, I think this little beuty has something to offer.



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